You can add a gallery as a separate element in most of the blocks on the site.

Adding a gallery

Choose where you'd like to place the gallery and click on the "plus" icon:

Select Gallery:

Click on the element and upload images from PC, or add the ones you have in the Gallery:

Note: if you choose to upload from your computer, make sure to select all of the pictures you want to add to upload them at once.

Gallery settings

To change order of images, drag one and drop it in a different place.

Switch to Layout tab to change the gap and maximum photos in a row:

To go to Column settings and change the layout or add background, click on the "gear" sign in the right left corner of your gallery:

To enter Media settings, press on a particular image and then on the "gear" icon:

For further guides on how to edit the image, see the article here.

Don't forget to publish your site for the changes to go live.
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