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As soon as you add a block, you can start editing it to adjust the layout and match to the overall design of the site. 

To open the settings, hover over the block and click on the “gear” in top right corner:

In the new window you’ll find four tabs - Layout, Background, Animation, Info.


Depending on the type of the block, you can add and remove elements from it, adjust block alignment and paddings. In some blocks you can swap text with image. Example of the settings available in this tab:


Here you can change the background of the block to a color, image or video.

Color - allows you to add a solid color or gradient. To choose a color, hover over and click on the Custom color icon. Adjust the opacity with the toggle to the right of the palette:

Image - here you can upload your own image or choose one of the existing ones by clicking on the Gallery:

By clicking on Gallery, you’ll have an option to add one of the images already on the site, or a free photo:

When you add an image, additional settings will become available to you - scroll effects, color overlay, filters, color behind image:

In the Video section you can add a link to a video from Youtube or Vimeo:

After the video is added, you can go ahead and adjust the color overlay to match it to the site colors:


This is the place where you can set how the elements appear on scroll. To enable animation, first enable the dynamic appearance here:

Then choose the animation type, the mode of elements appearance and and speed of the animation:


In the informational tab you can change the block anchor name to a unique one. This is a great way to identify several blocks of the same type within a single page, especially for linking purposes:

If you encounter any issues with the blocks, send us the block name and ID from the info tab:

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