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Bitrix24 is a collaboration software for your company with a variety of tools for your files, projects, messages, tasks and contacts that help you to organize and manage all your work in one place. You can connect Bitrix24 to a contact form on your site to receive and manage all leads and notifications in the custom app.

To connect Bitrix24 to a contact form on your site, follow the instructions below.

Important : this option is only available for Pro sites.

Note : This integration with Bitrix24 is currently basic and your form synchronization with composite fields (crm_multifield - like Site, Source, Phone) on Bitrix24's end is not yet available.

Step 1. Accessing the API URL

Sign up or log in the existing account at Bitrix24.

Click on More in the left menu of your dashboard:

Scroll down until you see the Applications tab and click on it:

Navigate to the Developer resources tab in the new window:

In the Developer resources tab, click Other:

In the new window, select the Inbound webhook:

Enter the parameters for the request builder of your webhook. Then, select CRM in the Assign permissions list and hit Save:

In the new window copy the generated Webhook to call REST API to your clipboard — this is your API URL:

Note: the API URL of your Bitrix24 webhook must be unique. The key that is presented in the screenshot above is just an example.

Step 2. Connecting Bitrix24 to a contact form

To connect Bitrix24 to your form, enter the site Settings, navigate the Form management tab and open the Integrations:

Press on the Bitrix24 field and enter the API URL of the webhook you have created to receive data from the forms:

Then, go to the Integrations tab in the contact form settings to enable the integration:

Click Sync fields with Bitrix24 and choose option** Add field** in the new window:

Then, set relevant connections between the fields in the form and fields from the Bitrix24 list:

Don't forget to publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Done! To see how it works, try submitting the form to ensure you receive data to the custom app.

Tip: for more information regarding management of your Bitrix24 account, visit the Bitrix24 Helpdesk.****
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