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Weblium offers an easy-to-use site editor which allows you to create/ manage a site with just a few clicks.

To start working on a site, click Create New in the top right corner of your dashboard: 

Here you will find all the available templates. Feel free to choose a ready-made design or a blank template:

Hover over the template to Preview it or Start Editing:

Bear in mind that all the templates are 100% customizable, so you will be able to change the style at any point of editing.

If you chose an empty template, click on Add Block:

On the left panel you will see all the available blocks - they are divided into Essential and Additional:

It’s up to you which of the blocks you wish to add to the site and which you can skip. 

Click on the block itself to add it to the site.

While working on the site, you can preview how it will be displayed across different devices. For that, click on Preview in the top panel of the editor:

Switch between the icons (mobile/ tablet/ PC) to check how the site will look:

Click on Publish when ready to launch the site. You can keep editing the site but bear in mind that the changes will be displayed on the live site only after publishing.
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