To create a new email click on "New" in the top left corner of the account:

In the pop-up window enter the text, edit it if necessary and click "Send". You can also click "Save" to return to the email later:

All the emails can be found in the relevant tab on the left panel:

To delete an email, select one and click on "Delete" on the top panel:

You can also create folders to better organize emails. For that click on a folder icon in the bottom left corner:

...or enter the account settings:

Click on "Create Folder", give it a name, choose the parent folder and click "Create":

Additional Settings:

Navigate to the account settings:


Open the "General" tab, scroll the page down to the Notifications section:

Adding an account:

Here you can gather several email addresses and create an alias:


Open the Themes tab to change the background image.

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