Weblium Mail is the client for managing all business communication via your mailbox. Learn how you can send and reply to emails, create folders, change the notification settings and personilaze your dashboard.

Creating and sending the emails

To create a new email, click on New at the top left corner of your dashboard:

In the pop-up window you can compose and edit your message. In the toolbar you can change the size, color, formatting of the text, insert a link, image, table, list, or attach the files. Once you're ready with your letter, click Send at the left top corner:

Important: the maximum size for the attachments in the email is 35 MB.

After you send the message, it will be transferred to the Sent tab in your account:

If you want to save this message for later, click Save:

After that, the email will appear in the Drafts tab in your dashboard. You can proceed to edit it from there:

Managing the received emails

All your received messaged will be stored in the Inbox tab. Open the email and click on the "arrow" at the top right corner to access its settings:

Here you can reply, delete, archive, forward your email and more.

If you want to delete or marked as read a couple of emails at a time, click on the checkbox and choose the needed option at the top:

To organize your emais, you can create folders. For that, click on the folder icon at the bottom left corner and enter the name and the parent folder:

The new folder will appear under the main tabs in your dashboard:

To configure the default folders, click on the "gear" at the bottom left corner:

Access the Folders tab and click System Folders, then choose the needed tab as a default one:

Notification and account settings

Navigate to the account settings and open the General tab:

Here you can change the look of your dashboard, or enable the notifications pop-up and sound.

In the Themes tab of the settings you can choose the background of your dashboard:

Note: there's no possibility to add a custom background yet.

Adding new account

If you purchase a couple of mailboxes for your site, you can add different accounts to the client. For that, access the Accounts tab in the settings and click Add an account:

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