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Header is a top block on a site which is typically displayed on all site pages. It's used to present the branding of the company and help navigate the site.

To get started, choose a suitable header design:

You can choose whether to add the block to all site pages or to a current one:

Note: We recommend adding the header to all pages. This way, it will become a global block and the changes made on one page will automatically apply to other pages.

You can then edit it by clicking on the “gear” icon in the top right corner of the block:

In the Layout tab you can add or remove elements from header, and also adjust the paddings. See an example of the Layout tab:

You can also fix the header on the top of the page so it stays there even when the page is scrolled:

Important: this option is only available for global headers.

In the Background tab you can add color, image or video background to the header:

When you add a photo or video, you will see more customization options - e.g. applying filter or color correction: 

Apart from that, you can make a header transparent in the Background tab:

This way, header becomes next block's part and overlays its background to save space on page.

Important: this option is only available for global headers.

In the Animation tab you can set the way the elements appear in the header:

In the Info tab you can find the name of the block or rename it:

Custom headers

In case you want to customize the header in your own way, select the wireframe-series-1-header block in the gallery.

In the Layout tab in the settings of this block, you can choose its type - the number of rows that will be displayed in the header.

To gain access to their display settings, where you can change the paddings or background, click on the gear next to the needed row:

Each line has 3 sections to fill with content. To add the needed element to it, hover over the empty section and click on the plus, then choose the element in the pop-up window:

If you experience any issues with the header, copy its name from here and send us in chat or to
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