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Hiding a block on smaller screens

If you want to prevent a particular block from showing on mobile devices and tablets, you can hide it in the settings. This is useful if you'd like to share certain info with desktop viewers only, or make the website shorter on small screens.

Hiding a block on smaller screens

For that, open the editor, navigate to the block you want to hide and open its settings by clicking on the "gear":

In the Layout tab toggle on the option Don't show on smaller screens:

Publish your site for the changes to take an effect.

After that, the block in the editor will be marked as following:

Important: In case you have set the transparent header. When you hide the block that lays directly next to the site header, the header becomes not transparent on smaller screens. If you are hiding a block on desktop at the same time, just swap these blocks — it will not affect the final look, but will return transparency to the header.

Updated on: 01/21/2023

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