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This article explains the process of adding products from Your Store store to Yandex.Market advertising platform. This will help expand the geography of sales and reach an even larger audience. This integration allows you to post your products on Yandex.Market with a link to your Weblium store where your customers can go to and place an order. Adding, deleting or modifying a product in the Welblium store automatically updates the product catalog on the Market.

Important: before beginning the import publish your site.

Importing products from Your Store to Yandex.Market

Open the site settings on Weblium, go to the Sales Channels tab and click the Add button next to the Yandex.Market option:

Copy the link to the XML file (1) or download the file itself (2):

Register an account on Yandex.Market or log in to the existing one and go through the steps of the Yandex.Market store creation following this instruction. If you already have a Yandex.Market store you can skip this step.

Download the Yandex.Market price list. To do this, go to the Products → Price lists section and click the Add price list button. In the pop-up window, select the File (1) or Link (2) option, provide the appropriate file or URL from paragraph 2 of this instruction (the example shows the link):

Yandex.Market will take some time to process the imported file. After downloading the data from the file, you will be provided with a report containing all information about errors encountered during the import process.

Hint: To enable automatic updates of the price list, send a feed URL request through the Price list FAQ after Yandex.Market checks your products. You should send the URL from the step 2 of this instruction to Yandex support.
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