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Here are a couple of tips for you to best optimize the site for the search engines.

Important: for the changes to take effect, make sure to publish the site.

Adding site title and description

This information will tell the search engines what your business is about. It will be displayed on the search results page in Google, Bing etc.:

To set it up, open the site settings in your account, select the General info tab and add Site title and Site Description:

It's generally recommended to add a unique page title and description for each page you’ve got.

For that select the page while in the editor, go to the settings and switch to the SEO tab. Click on Edit page info:

Add page title, description and keywords:

Adding alt-text to the images

Alt-text is the image description which helps search engines better understand what the image is about and show it to the relevant queries. To add it, click on the image settings:

Then add a brief description here:

Alt-text should only be added to the meaningful images on the site. For example, it shouldn't be added to the background and decorative images.

Hiding page from search results:

You can hide a particular page from search engines. For that, open the page settings, select the SEO tab and toggle on Block search indexing:

"Nofollow" for links:

If you add links to some external sources, you may want to disallow search engines to follow them. This is useful if, for example, you are not entirely sure that the links are trustworthy, or you don't want to redirect traffic from your site to other sources. 

To enable the "nofollow" attribute, select the page in the editor, open the SEO tab and toggle on the relevant setting:

Adding a canonical link

In case some duplicate pages are created on your site, you may want to tell the search engines which page is the original (canonical) one. 

For that, open a page in the editor, navigate to the the SEO tab and add a canonical link for that specific page:

Important: the changes may not be reflected in the search engines immediately. It may take up to 3-14 days for them to crawl the site and add it to their index.

To speed up the process, add the site to the Google Search Console and request indexing:

Adding your site to the Google Search Console

Tip: If you are looking for some help with the necessary SEO settings, request one of the SEO packages from our experts.
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