You can add your own code to the site to integrate a third-party service e.g. a typeform, booking system, chat etc.

For that first you will need to request the code from the developers. Then, add it to your site on Weblium.

There are two ways of adding a code:

Embed code block. 

You can add it right in the editor. For that, click on the "Embed code" block:

....or choose the embed code element in the custom block:

Then, hover over and click on a “gear” in the block; in the new window add the code and click Save.

Publish the site for the changes to take effect.

With this method, the service you added will be displayed in this exact block.

Custom code. 

To add a custom code to the whole site, click on the site settings:

Navigate to the Custom code tab:

Add the code to the required section - head or body:

Publish the site.

With this method the code you added will be displayed on all site pages.

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