Contact forms allow your site visitors to request getting in touch with you, ask for a quote etc. 

These requests will be forwarded to the email address you set globally on a site. To access these settings, select a site and click here:

Switch to the Form Integrations tab and click on + Add email:

Enter all the emails where you'd like to receive the requests from the contact form:

Now open the site's editor:

Select the contact form, open the settings:

Navigate to the Integrations tab and turn on "Email":

Important: turn on the email integrations in all the new contact forms you add to the site. You will see a notification on the contact forms with the integration turned off:

Done! Now all the contact forms on your site will send the requests to the email address you entered.

For older versions of the contact forms

If you are using an older version of the contact form, the settings above may not be available to you. Instead, please follow the instructions below to set an email address.

1. Hover over the contact form and click on the settings “gear”:

2. In the new pop-up window switch to the Action tab: 

3. Add your email in the corresponding field:

4. Publish the site and send a test request from the contact form.

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