Recently we have launched a custom block builder which will allow you to create your own blocks, add and remove elements freely, adjust the paddings and much more.

To start working with it, click on Add Block from inside the editor and choose which of the custom blocks we currently offer work best for you:

Or, feel free to add an empty custom block to create something from scratch:

Regardless of which type of block you have added, you will be able to do the following.

Working with elements:

1. Add a new element to the block by clicking on a “plus” sign:

2. In the pop-up window choose an element to add:

3. Hover over the element and click on the “basket” to delete it:

4. Move an element to another position within the block. For that, capture the element, drag it to the desired position and drop it:

Working with columns

1. Hover between the columns to add a new (“plus” sign) one or adjust the gap (drag the divider):

2. You can also duplicate an existing column:

3. Click on the column settings to adjust the layout:

Switch to the background tab to add color or image to column's background:

4. Switch the columns within a block. For that, pick a column, move it to the desired position and drop it:

We are constantly working on adding new custom blocks and improving the features which are already there. In the nearest future we are planning to make the elements more mobile, and the interface more intuitive. Stay tuned!

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