You can set up a contact form on your Weblium site in a way that all new requests are sent to your Telegram app.

Important: this option is only available for the new contact forms, with the Custom label:

If there's an old form on the site, we recommend you add a new one to be able to connect it to Telegram.

Follow the steps below to connect Telegram to the contact form:

1. Enter the site settings:

2. Navigate to the Form integrations tab:

3. You will need to add a Chat ID. To receive it, click on the QR code and scan it:

Or, open the bot right in the Telegram app: @site_notify_bot.

4. Copy the unique ID, add it to the relevant field and click "Connect":

5. If all is done right, you will see a green checkmark in the settings, and will receive a notification in the app itself: 

6. Open the site editor and select the form that you'd like to connect to Telegram. In the form settings, navigate to the Integrations tab and toggle on Telegram:

7. Try sending a test message from the form. A notification should arrive right to your Telegram app:

If you are looking for the ways to connect other services, you can do that with the help of Zapier:

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