When you add a contact form, you can adjust the button and the input fields design to match them to the site style and colors. 

Important: certain features may not be available for older versions of the contact forms. To get the most of it, we recommend adding the newest forms - with the "Custom" label:

 To proceed, click on the form to open the settings:

Navigate to the Style tab:

Here you will see the sections to customize a button or the fields.

In the Button section you can edit the text and its style:

Then, choose which button style you'd like to go with:

Note that here you choose a preset button style. To edit the buttons globally, follow the instructions below:

Go on with the button settings on the contact form by adding an icon:

In the Fields section of the form settings you can choose a field type:

Then, go on to adjusting the colors of each component of the form - borders, text, etc:

For more actions with the contact forms, please find the articles below:

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