Site's menu is a part of a header block which serves for easier site navigation. With the help of the menu your site visitors will be able to switch pages on a multi-page site. Or, it will make scrolling on a long single-page site easier. 

To set up the site menu, hover over the header block and click on the settings here:

In the Items tab you can add the menu items - these will be linked to the relevant pages/ blocks on your site. To proceed:

1. Click on + Add menu item:

2. Give the item a name, click Done:

3. Now, this is a menu item which does not yet lead anywhere. To make sure it opens a relevant page/ block etc, you will need to link it accordingly. For that open the item settings:

4. Select a click action:

5. Choose a page (block, web address), then click Apply:

Tip: hide or remove the menu item right in the settings:

Go ahead with the site menu customization by adjusting the text style and color in the relevant tab:

Here are the available settings:

For more information how you can organize multiple pages on your site, check out the article below:

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