You can add contributors to your Weblium site to work on it together. Contributors will have access to the site's editor, so they will be able to make changes to it and publish afterwards. However they won't have access to the site settings, so they won't be able to delete or duplicate a site.

Select a site where you'd like to add a contributor and open the site settings:

Navigate to the Contributors tab and click on Invite contributor:

Enter contributor's email and click Send invite:

You will see a pending contributor in your account:

A prospective contributor will receive an email to accept the invitation:

Important: the invitation link is valid for 3 days.

By clicking on "Accept invitation" the contributor will be redirected to Weblium login page. Here he/she will be able to sign up to Weblium or login to an already existing account:

Only the editor of the site will be accessible in the contributor's account:

The contributor can leave the site at any moment:

The site owner can also remove a contributor from the site:

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