Site transfer allows you to pass the site ownership on to another Weblium user, or to a client of your organization (in case you have enabled the white label feature) . Along with the site you can transfer a Pro subscription and the domain(s) assigned to the site.

To initiate the site transfer, choose a site in your account, click on the three dots and select "Transfer":

In the pop-up window add the new owner's email, choose whether you'd like to transfer the domain too (if there is one) and decide if you'd like to remain as a site contributor. Click on "Transfer website":

Review the transfer details and click Transfer to proceed:

The transfer link will been sent to the email that you indicated. The new owner will have 3 days to confirm the transfer. To do that, he/ she will have to open the transfer confirmation email and click "Accept invitation":

Tip: if the transfer email is missing, you can resend a transfer link manually. For that, click on the "arrows" icon:

Scan a QR code or copy the link from the pop-up window and send it to the person directly:

For white label: the new site owner will receive an invitation to login to your organization, not Weblium.

Upon clicking on "Accept invitation", the new site owner will have to sign in or create an account:

After logging in/ creating a new account, the new site owner will be asked to update the payment information:

Important: if you transfer a site with a Pro subscription, it will be renewed on the due date. If you transfer a free site, the new site owner will have to upgrade it to Pro to accept the transfer. 

If the payment has been updated successfully, the new site owner will see a confirmation message:

In case you don't want to transfer a site to another account, you can add a contributor to it:

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