Weblium PRO subscription allows you to connect domains to your website. You can add a third-party domain or buy a new one at Weblium. After the domain is connected, you can further manage it from your Weblium account. 

Third-party domain

You can disconnect a third-party domain from the site, leaving it in your account. For that, open the settings of the website: 

Then, navigate to the Domains tab: 

Choose the domain, click on the three dots and click Disconnect:

To reconnect the domain, click on All my domains here:

...or here:

Select the domain, click on the three dots and choose Connect to website:

By clicking Delete you can remove the domain from your account completely:

Domain purchased at Weblium

If you bought a domain at Weblium, the billing for the domain is managed by us too. To renew the domain manually (when it's due) or set it to auto-renew, open the site settings and navigate to the Domains tab:

Click on the three dots and choose the relevant option:

By clicking on Disconnect, you will remove the domain from your site:

However, it will still be accessible in the list of all your domains:

To reconnect the domain, access the list of the domains, click on the three dots and click here:

Important: domain, purchased at Weblium can't be deleted until it expires.

Learn how you can connect multiple domains to your website in the article below:

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