Intercom chat widget allows you to simplify your editing process by contacting our Support Team at any time you want. 

You can see Intercom chat in your dashboard or in the editor in the bottom left corner:

If sometimes you find the widget inconvenient, you can temporarily shut it down.

Note: the widget can be turned off only for one browser session. If you log out or just close the browser tab, Intercom will appear again.

To disable it, follow the instructions below:  

1. Press Ctrl + Shift + I (for Windows) or Cmd + Opt + C (for Mac) on your keyboard simultaneously.  

2. You will see Developer tools in the new window. Navigate to the Console tab:

3. In Console type: Intercom('shutdown')  and click  Enter to switch off the widget: 

4. In the same window tab call Intercom('boot')  and press Enter if you want to return the chat back: 

Note: Reload your page to make Intercom visible again.    


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