Drive traffic to your site, keep the site visitors posted on the news and share personal thoughts with the blog feature. It allows you to create and update content effortlessly, while having full control over the blog posts and their appearance.

Getting started with the blog 

To start with, set up your author profile - it will be displayed globally on the blog posts that you add. For that open the site settings:

Navigate to the Blog tab:

Click to expand the settings:

Set your name and photo here:

Note: supported image formats are jpg, png, svg.

Creating a blog post

Create blog posts in the same Blog tab of the site settings. For that select a Published/ Drafts option and click Create post:

Tip: if you selected a Published option, but changed your mind - no worries: the post will be saved automatically in the Drafts tab for future use.

Add your content in the pop-up window. Start with a post title and a date:

Click on the "plus" icon in the text field to call for a choice of blocks - Paragraph, Header, Image, List:

You can move any block up and down, or delete completely. For that access the settings of the block here and choose the action:

Editing texts

Select the text to edit it further - make it bold, italic or add a link:


You can convert a numbered list into a bullet one by accessing the settings of the block and switching the list type:


After adding an image, describe it in the Caption field:

After the blog post is done, click Publish:

If you are not ready to publish it yet, click on the three dots and select Save changes:

The post will be saved in the Drafts section and you'll be able to access it anytime.

Managing blog posts

Access the settings of the draft blog post to do one of the following:

If the post has been published, this is where you can unpublish it:

Note: post preview will be available after the first publish of the site.

Blog post settings

Customize the blog post for the search engines and social networks. For that, click to edit the post:

Switch to the settings tab:

Change the post URL - this will be a direct link to the post on the live site:

Post preview image and description will be picked up by the search engines and social networks - for instance, when you share the post on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Preview image will also be cover image for the post:

Note: to get the best results, we recommend that the image proportions are 2:1.  

Add 3-5 keywords to best describe the post - these will be scanned by the search engines:

Display blog on the live site

When you start adding blog posts, a Blog app page is automatically added to your site. You can view and access it right in the editor:

All the posts you publish will be displayed on this page - the newest on the top. 

If you wish to add a blog feed to a particular page of the site, e.g. home page etc, you should add a Blog feed app:

This feed will display most recent posts. You can add the missing ones right in the editor:

For further posts management head back to the general blog settings:

Click on the feed settings to select the blog feed layout:

Navigate to the Display tab to select the components to be displayed on the blog post:

Deleting blog

To remove blog, access the site settings and expand the blog settings window:

Click to remove blog:

Confirm the action:

The blog data will be saved, so you'll be able to re-add it in the future:

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