To avoid some unpredictable issues while editing or viewing your site, make certain that you have updated your browser to the lastest version.  
You can get acquainted with the supported browsers below: 

Supported browsers for editing:     

  • Chrome (57 and above) 
  • Firefox (52 and above)  
  • Safari (10.1 and above) 
  • Microsoft Edge (16 and above)

Note: so far the editor isn't available on smartphones and tablets.  

We recommend to turn off all possible extensions during editing to smoothe the process. 

Supported browsers for viewing:   


  • Chrome (49 and above)  
  • Firefox (52 and above) 
  • Safari (10.1 and above)  
  • Microsoft Edge (16 and above) 
  • Opera (62 and above)  
  • IE (11 and above) 


  • Chrome for Android (49 and above) 
  • IOS  Safari (IOS 9.3 and above)
  • Opera Mini (all versions) 

If you face any problem in one of your browsers, check the article Editor issues to troubleshoot it or contact our Support Team via chat or email

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