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Connecting a domain to Draftium prototypes

Once you've purchased a Pro subscription to your Draftium account, go ahead and gather all your prototypes under the custom domain.

A domain is connected to the whole account on Draftium. This way, all the prototypes will be recognized by different subdomains, but connected by the same domain — for example,,

Note: There's no way to change the subdomain of each prototype.

Connecting a domain to Draftium prototypes

The domain is connected to Draftium via the particular records. You can connect a domain or a subdomain to your prototypes, even if they're already used for different sites.

Firstly, you will need to send your existing domain name to our support team in chat or at We will link to the domain to your Draftium account manually from our side.

After we've made the needed adjustments, you should add the following CNAME record at the domain's host.

If you're connecting a domain to your Draftium prototypes, add CNAME record in the following format:

Host: * (where is your actual domain name)
Points to:

Note: Some domain providers require to enter the domain name after the asterisk in the Host field, and some of them accept only the symbols (*.). To clarify this question, contact the support of the service you're using.

If you're connecting a subdomain to your Draftium prototypes, add CNAME record in the following format:

Host: *.subdomain
Points to:

For example, if you'd like to connect a subdomain, enter *.drafts in the Host field and add the relevant value.

Important: It may take up to 24-48 hours for the records to propagate worldwide. This is a standard process applicable to all domains. During this time, the connection may not be stable, or the prototypes may not be available on all devices.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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