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Draftium overview

Draftium is a black-and-white website prototyping tool where you can work on the structure, layout, and content of your future website. With Draftium, you can create a wireframe using pre-build blocks and changing them to your needs.

Who is this tool for?

For studios. If you work with clients, you probably know how difficult it is sometimes to create a website and approve its design. With Draftium, you can focus on the structure and content and receive clients' feedback with the help of the comment mode. If you have multiple clients, it's easier to kick off several projects simultaneously while waiting for additional info/ content/ technical requirements.

For freelancers. If you are a designer or a copywriter, Draftium is a great tool for creating and editing mockups for the future website. It's easy to use, and you don't have to know coding or any other tech stuff.

For individuals. You need a plan or a draft before you start any project. Same with websites — it may be a bit too overwhelming to start a website from scratch. With Draftium, you can play a bit with different designs, blocks, images until you like the result. Based on this prototype, it will be easier for you to create a great website.

What are the main features of Draftium?

Draftium is a black-and-white prototyping tool. This way, you can focus on the website structure and layout before proceeding to the actual design and special effects. Even if you add a colorful image, it will still be converted to a black-and-white one to maintain the style.

With Draftium, you create website prototypes using pre-made blocks. There is a variety of them — headers, footers, cover blocks, galleries, etc. There are additional settings in each block allowing you to add other elements (e.g., buttons), change the paddings, column width, and so on.

You can edit, preview, and publish your prototypes as much as you wish.

Since Draftium is a prototyping tool, you can't add any advanced features like blog, eCommerce, and external widgets.

Contact forms are available on Draftium, but they don't actually send the replies.

Pop-up windows are available in the Pro version of Draftium.

You can enable the comment mode for a prototype and send a link to anyone outside Draftium. They will be able to leave their comments on the mockups.

You can create up to 3 prototypes on a Free subscription and an unlimited number of prototypes on a Pro subscription.

You can connect your own domain to the whole Draftium account. This way, all the prototypes you create will be placed on the same domain (but different subdomains).

Once your prototype is ready, you can export it to Weblium — our fully functioning site-builder. There you'll be able to continue working on the design and launch a website. Since your prototype is only compatible with our editor, we can't export it anywhere else. However, you are free to use it as a reference on any other site-builder you prefer.

Updated on: 02/18/2021

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