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Adding images

Adding images to the site is an excellent way to illustrate what your page is about and attract the customers' attention to your company. With the help of our editor, you can add a picture to almost any of the ready-made blocks.

Before you begin, we recommend not overloading the pages with a lot of graphic content. This will not only significantly deteriorate the site loading speed but also reduce the level of perception by users of text content that is also on the page.

You can also check the video below to see how you can add and edit images:

Adding images

For that, you should first choose the block from our gallery that contains the image placeholder in it, and add it to your site:

... or you can add the image placeholder itself as an element to the existing block:

Tip: Check the Adding elements article to know how you can enrich your block's look by adding additional elements to it.

Now click on the element itself and then on Upload button in the pop-up menu:

In the new window you will see the Media gallery of your site. In the Free photos tab you can browse through the stock images from the Unsplash platform by using the keywords:

To upload your own image, navigate to the tab My images and click on Browse files to choose the photo from your computer:

You can also just drag the image from your computer into the gallery.

Important: Supported file formats: .png, .jpg, .svg. If you want to place a GIF-image on your site, check the Adding a GIF article.

Wait for the editor to upload and optimize your image, then click on it to add the image to the block:

Done! Continue with the image settings by following the steps in the article Editing images.

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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