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Weblium editor provides you with an option to add additional elements to blocks. For example, Text, Buttons, Logo, Icons List, Embed Code, Map etc.

Add a new element to the block by clicking on the “plus” sign where you'd like to place it:

In the pop-up window choose an element to add:

Here you can see a full list of elements you can add: Text, Heading, Button, Two buttons, Image, Video, Before and after gallery, Icon, Image mask, Image + card, Icon + Background, Numbers, Logo, Accordion, Countdown, Text Rotator, Small icon list, Additional info, Icons list, Icons list + heading, Contacts, Horizontal contacts, Testimonials, Testimonials + name, Embed code, Quote, Map, Divider, Form, Social icons, Follow Us. 

This list will be constantly updated. 

Note: In some elder versions of blocks, the feature of adding elements may not be available.

Go on to manage the elements that you added: Managing elements in a block
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