When getting started at Weblium, you’re offered a choice of 290+ ready-to-use templates to go with. They will come in handy both when you have a specific website idea, and when in need of inspiration.

Tip: check out our blog article for 10 Crucial Tips on Choosing a Website Template in 2020.

Here are the guidelines to help you find the right template for your site.

Step 1. Accessing the template gallery

Open the template explorer by clicking on Create site on your dashboard:

In the new window you can find all the available templates in our gallery:

Pre-made templates are divided into 24 categories according to their topics, including Portfolio & CV, Restaurants & Food, Art and Culture, Real Estate, Education, Advertising & Marketing, IT & Development and many more.

Note: if none of our pre-designed templates meet your needs, check the article Getting started with a blank template to create your site from scratch.

Step 2. Narrowing down the options

You can select a template by choosing a particular topic, or simply focusing on the visual looks.

Browse through the list of categories at the left, or just search for the appealing template using the keywords:

Decide on how many pages you're going to need. You can always delete them or add more, but it's better to be all set from the beginning. Hover over a template to see the number of pages it has:

Press on Preview to take a closer look and see if the template meets your requirements:

Step 3. Making a final decision

Check how the template will look on different devices by switching between the icons (mobile/ tablet/ PC):

If you want to start working on it, click Start editing at the top right corner:

Tip: remember that all of our templates are fully customizable. To see how you can further edit the template and launch your site, see the article Customizing a ready-to-use template.

Template gallery is constantly updated with new designs, so make sure to check back from time to time.

If you haven't found a suitable template, feel free to share your suggestions in chat or via support@weblium.com.
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