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Site preview

Open the preview mode of your site in the editor to see how it will look when published. You can also preview how the site will be displayed across different devices, including mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Tip: All websites created on Weblium are fully responsive — our editor automatically adjusts the desktop version of the site to mobile or tablet display so you can focus on the rest.

Important: In the preview mode, no pop-ups will appear, and the store pages will have a standard look, it won't be possible to interact with them, as well as with store elements on regular pages of the site. Also in this mode, you can fill out a contact form and send a response, but such a response won't be saved in CRM and the Form Management settings section. We recommend checking the appearance and performance of this features on the published version of your website.

Site preview

Open the site's editor and click on Preview in the toolbar:

To see how the site will look like on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, switch between the icons in the center:

Tip: Once you're ready to launch your site, publish your changes: Publishing a site.

Updated on: 01/13/2023

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