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The advantages of Weblium

With the site builders, creating a website is as easy as it could be: you don't have to learn to code or study complex design rules. The only thing you do need is to understand your goals, then choose a site builder that meets them.

In the article below we've gathered top reasons to choose Weblium among the others.

Ease of use

At Weblium, we offer 350+ ready-to-use templates on different topics, so you don't have to start a site from scratch. Just pick a template you like, add your logo and copy your content there — and the site is ready to go live.

However, if you do need to make any changes, our pre-made blocks let you add additional elements, and work on the website layout. We offer blocks for various business purposes — showcasing images, presenting the team, products, services, etc. The best part is: they all are easily adaptable to different screen resolutions. Nevertheless, if you still want to edit it separately, you can do this to a certain extent, using the tips from this article.

Your site color palette, fonts, and buttons style are set globally for the whole website, so you can be sure they remain consistent with whatever you do with your site in its editor.

Tip: You can find out how to start editing a ready-made template in the Customizing a ready-made template article.

The possibilities of free and paid subscriptions

Initially, a site you create on Weblium is placed on the free 14-day Trial period. This lets you try some Pro features without providing your billing information. On Trial, you have access to try our online store's capabilities, third-party integrations, and pop-up builder. When the Trial period is over, you can choose whether to stay on a Free subscription or purchase a Pro.

You can store up to 3 free sites in your account forever. Under the free subscription, almost all the blocks in the editor, in-built analytics, and more than 350 templates from our gallery are available to you. We do not limit the number of contributors, storage size, or bandwidth.

To get even more for your website, you can upgrade it to Pro, which gives you access to all features without any hidden fees — e.g., custom code adding, domain connection, Weblium CRM usage, marketing integrations access, and many more.

Note: More information about the subscriptions can be found in the Comparison of the Free, Trial, and Pro subscriptions article.

24/7 Support

On Weblium, we provide almost 24/7 live chat and email support.

We provide quality service to both free and paid users and help with both general and technical questions (e.g. domain connection, working with blocks and elements in the site editor, SEO settings) and we are sure you will love our product!

Join us and create your professional site at Weblium and we will help you with it!

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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