You can choose what your site visitors see when a contact form is submitted on your site.

To set it up, click on the form in the editor and navigate to the Action tab:

There are three options you can choose from.

Show thank you message in pop-up

This is a success message that your site visitors will see if the form has been submitted.

You can edit the text of the message and on the button:

Open page

Here you can choose which page on your site will be displayed to your visitors after the form is submitted:

Note: this is a great way to direct your site visitors to a thank you page. If it’s yet to be created, click here for the instructions on how to add a page, and then proceed with the contact form settings. This is 

Web address

If you choose this option, your site visitors will be redirected to an external page - the one you add in the form settings: 

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