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Actions of a contact form when it is submitted

You can choose what your site visitors see when a contact form is submitted on your site. Thus, you can redirect them to a external source, another page on your site, and so on.

Follow the instructions below to see how you can set up an action of a contact form when it is submitted.

Important: This feature is available for Pro sites only.

Setting up an action of a contact form when it is submitted

Open the editor, hover over to the contact form on your site and click on the "gear":

In the form settings navigate to the Action tab:

Possible actions

After you open the form settings, go ahead and choose the suitable click action from the drop-down menu.

Open page

This feature allows you to redirect the visitors to another page of your site once they submit a contact form. For that, choose Open page in the dropdown and then select the needed page:

Tip: This is a great way to redirect your visitors to a custom "Thank you" page. It it is yet to be created, check the Adding pages article.

Show thank you message in pop-up

This is a confirmation message that your site visitors will see if the form has been submitted successfully. For that, choose the Show thank you message in pop-up option in the dropdown:

You can also edit the text of the message and on the button:

Web address

This action redirects your visitors to the external resource. For that, choose Web address in the menu and paste the link with the https:/ extension:

Close Pop-up

This option will come in handy when the contact form added to a pop-up window on your site. Thus, after the visitor submit the form, it will automatically close the pop-up too. For that, choose the Close Pop-up click action from the dropdown:

Note: Learn how you can set up a pop-up on your site in the Adding a pop-up article.

Updated on: 01/28/2023

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