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Export responses from contact forms

Export a list of all replies from your submission forms to a CSV file. . This can be useful if you want to process this information in bulk in other programs. For example, in Google Sheets, Excel, etc.

Tip: Check this article to learn how to download all responses in Weblium CRM from all your websites.

To download responses from contact forms, you need to do the following

Open Site settings and go to Form management section:

Select the contact form from which you would like to download responses:

Select the period for which you would like to export responses and click on the Download CSV button:

Important: Only the data from those fields present when downloading the file will be exported. Information from deleted fields will not be exported, although it is displayed in the "Form management" section of the site settings.

Done. The file is downloaded. While importing it, for example, into Google Sheets, the file will look like this:

Important: The file separator is the semicolon ;. Suppose the file needs to be loaded into a program where a different separator is used by default. In that case, when importing into this program, you need to select a custom separator and enter a semicolon there.
Note: Please note that in the site settings, in the "Form management" section, the user's current time is displayed, and the uploaded CSV file will display the time in the zero time zone format UTC+00:00.

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Updated on: 04/26/2024

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