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Adding H1, H2... tags to the text

H1, H2 and other H-tags help search engines to recognize the headings and subheadings on the site and organize its structure.

Heading tags have a top-down hierarchy — there are four tags that you can add to your text in our editor :

The H1 heading tag acts as the title of each page — therefore, you should add only one H1 tag per page of your site.

The H2 tag is commonly used for subheadings, which can be placed as section titles.

The H3 tag is supposed to define the third-level headings on your page.

The P tag usually presents a regular paragraph text and can be defined as a structural grouping of the same content.

Important: These tags do not affect the text style.

Adding H1, H2... tags to the text

Firstly, open your site's editor, select the needed text on the page and click on the "gear" in the pop-up window:

Set the relevant value to the text in the settings:

Publish your site for the changes to take an effect.

Tip: For more detailed information regarding the search engine optimization of your site, check out the SEO Basics article.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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