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Add your site to Google Search Console (GSC) to be able to track its performance in search, request site indexation and manage different site URLs.

Important: the feature of site indexing works only for sites with PRO subscription.
To begin with, go to Google Search Console and click Start Now. A pop-up will appear allowing you to select a verification method.

Verifying the site with a TXT record

If you choose Domain, add the domain in the following format and click Continue:

You'll be provided with the TXT record to add to your domain. If it's managed by Weblium, copy and send the record to us to add. If you manage the domain elsewhere, login to your domain host's account and add the record there:

Go back to GSC and click Verify:

Verifying the site with a meta tag

If you choose to verify a particular URL prefix, enter the domain name in the following format:

Select the HTML tag verification method:

Copy the tag:

Now you'll need to add the tag to your Weblium site. For that, open the site settings and navigate to the Custom code tab. Add the code to the HEAD section and click Save:

Go back to GSC and click Verify:

Done! Now you can further manage your site in GSC.

Tip: Start by adding sitemap to the GSC and request indexing. Weblium generates the sitemaps automatically. To learn more, see here: Access the sitemap.
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