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Enabling push notifications for Weblium CRM

After you've connected a contact form to your Weblium CRM, turn on push notifications about the incoming new deals that will be displayed in your browser.

Important: This option is available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Microfost Edge users only.

Enabling push notifications for Weblium CRM

For that, open your CRM tab and wait for some time until the pop-up shows:

If the pop-up doesn't appear, clear cache and cookies of your browser and try again.

Click Yes in the pop-up window:

Now, you will receive the following notification each time you receive a form response in your funnels:

The language of this nofitication depends on your browser's language.

To enable the notifications on mobile, log in to your Weblium CRM using your mobile device and repeat all the steps above.

Note: Make sure to allow Weblium to send notifications in your browser settings. For more information, check the Help Center of the browser you're using.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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