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You don’t need to configure anything to automatically receive applications from your site — CRM is connected to all the contact forms by default. That is, every single time your site visitors fill in the contact form, you get the data in the card that immediately goes to the first column in the My deals default pipeline.

However, if you have several sites and want to choose the pipeline where specific submissions should go, you can update the contact form settings by selecting the needed funnel.

Follow the instructions below to connect a contact form to a pipeline.

Tip: check the article Getting started with Weblium CRM to see how to create and manage your pipelines and columns.

Connecting a contact form to a pipeline in Weblium CRM

Open the site's editor, hover over the needed form and click on the "gear" to access its settings:

In the pop-up menu, navigate to the Integrations tab and choose the relevant pipeline in the Send form responses to field:

Note: if you delete the pipeline after you've connected it to the form, the submissions will be sent to the first existing pipeline in your account.

Publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Now all submissions will land in the first column of the specified pipeline, where the name of the card will be the first field of the form (for example, the field for the name, phone number, email, and so on).

Tip: if the contact form doesn't have such fields, the form label will be used as the name of the card. To change the name of a contact form, see the article Changing the form label.

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