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Managing customers in Weblium CRM

In the context of CRM, customers are people or companies who order services from your website. The customers catalog in CRM works like a database of past, current or potential clients.

This way, you can collect all information about your clients in one place and analyze the entire history of interactions with each of them. In addition, you can link existing or new deals with clients — information about them from the database will be automatically attached to the deal. You will also be able to create a customer from a deal to transfer details from an existing card.

Creating and managing customers

To create a new client, open the CRM in your account, navigate to the Customers tab and click on the Add new customer button in the top right corner:

Fill in the information about your client in the new window and click Add customer:

The customer you created is now displayed in the database. Unlike deals, the customer catalog is available only in a tabular form:

Note: Customer base is the same for all funnels in CRM.

Here you can also select several clients by clicking on the checkbox in front of them:

By clicking on the three dots, you can edit or delete the current customer:

Linking a deal with a customer

To attach a customer to a new or current deal, open the needed card and click on Link existing customer:

In the new window, find and select the desired client in the catalog, and then click Link customer :

Now the customer details will be added to the chosen card:

An attached deal will also be added to the details for the customer to track all interactions:

Create customer based on deal

You can also create a customer based on a deal. For example, if a visitor left their phone number, email address, name and type of service through the contact form on your site, you do not need to manually transfer this data from the deal to customer details — all information will be transferred automatically.

To do this, open the deal you need and click on Link existing client :

In the drop-down list, select the action Create customer based on deal:

In a new window, all information from the card will be automatically transferred to the appropriate fields about the client — if necessary, edit it and create a new client:

Updated on: 01/19/2023

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