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Getting started with Weblium CRM

Collect and manage all your deals in one place, create unique pipelines for sites in your account and easily track all your customers' interactions in Weblium CRM.

Tip: More about the advantages of our Weblium CRM you can find in the Weblium CRM overview article.

Getting started with Weblium CRM

Navigate to the dashboard in your account and click Open CRM , or access the direct address:

In the new tab, you will see the default pipeline. The pipeline is a list of your incoming deals that are separated in the columns. Columns present the current status of your deal. You can work with the default pipeline or create your own to start from scratch.

Important: The CRM is a general tab for all your sites in the account. Therefore, we recommend creating separate funnels for the different contact forms for easier distinction.

To create a new pipeline, click on My deals and choose Create a new pipeline in the dropdown:

Enter the name for your new pipeline in the pop-up window:

Each pipeline consists of columns — statuses of deals — for example, "New", "In progress", "Done". To rename the column, click on its current name and enter the new one:

To delete the column, hover over it, click on the three dots and choose Delete:

Note: There is no possibility of deleting a column with existing deals in it. Besides, you can't delete the only column in the whole pipeline.

To add a new column, click on the "plus" near the existing one, and enter its name in the opened field:

Besides collecting the requests from the forms on your sites, you can manually add the deals. For that, click Add new deal and customize it in the opened form:

You can preview all your deals as a table or the cards. The switcher is placed in the top right corner of the tab:

Tip: The table view is more convenient for working with a couple of deals at the same time. For example, you can select and delete all deals by clicking on the checkbox:

In the table view you can also sort your cards from largest to smallest (or vice versa). For that, click on the column name and choose the needed position of the arrow:

If you want to automatically send requests from your contact form to your new CRM pipeline, follow the instructions in the article Connecting the contact form to the pipeline.

Updated on: 01/28/2023

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