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Getting started with your White Label organization

Enable your White Label Agency feature to create modern and responsive websites for your clients at custom prices.

Setting up your partner account

Open this link and register your partner account.

Note: All the settings of your branding can be changed in your partner account later. Check the Adding your own branding to the organization article for more detailed information.

In the new window, change the company name, which will be shown in the editor and used for client and team member invites. Click Continue to proceed to the second step:

Then, choose the temporary subdomain for your Agency that will be displayed within the editor and users' accounts and click Continue:

Click on Upload logo to change the image that will be shown to your clients on the sign-in page and in their accounts:

Tip: Image size must be at least 232x96 px. Supported formats: png, jpeg. 5 MB max.

After that, click on Upload favicon and set up the image that will be displayed in the browser tab next to the site title:

Tip: Image size must be at least 32x32 px. Supported formats: png, jpeg. 1 MB max.

Here's an example of how it will look:

In the next step change the client support email, which will be shown to your clients in their editor if they encounter any problems and click Continue:

In the new window choose the suitable Agency plan and click on Upgrade:

Tip: You can find a detailed comparison of each package on Weblium White Label Agency pricing page.

Choose your payment method (Credit Card or PayPal) in the pop-up window, enter your payment details and hit Pay and subscribe to finalize the purchase:

You will receive the confirmation window if your payment has been successful. Click on Go to partner account button to start managing your Agency:

Getting started with your Agency

Once you have activated the White Label feature, you can switch between Personal and Agency account. You can easily switch between them:

Tip: Order the site setup from our Studio using the special discount that goes with your package.

Finally, connect the domain to your landing and to White Label Agency as a whole for your customers to be able to sign up under your organization.

You can also invite your team members — e.g., coworker, copywriter, or freelance designer — to help you manage the whole white label organization that you created. It means they will be able to access the settings of your partner account as well as to edit all the projects you've created there. Your agency pack defines how many team members you can have in your partner account.

For more detailed information on how you can further manage your projects and clients' accounts, check the article White Label Overview.

Updated on: 05/29/2024

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