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White Label overview

White Label is the feature that allows you to resell Weblium services under your own branding. Create a White Label Agency to build sites for your clients that will run on the Weblium engine but won't have any mentions of our platform.

Your Agency will basically use ready-made software by Weblium to build modern and responsive websites for your clients at custom prices. After setting up your branding within the editor and connecting your domain name, your clients will consider White Label Agency as your platform.

Important: In 2019, we offered a White Label Builder package, which provided self-service for the clients of your organization. If you have purchased this deal but want to be in control of your users’ accounts and websites, contact our support team via chat or at, so we can change your current plan to Agency.

To begin, see the article Getting started with your Agency for more information on how to register and set up your organization.

Creating projects

With the help of our editor, you can easily create and manage projects in one place. Projects are the websites under the free subscription that you can build for your clients. The number of available ongoing projects depends on your White Label Agency package.

Free subscription has some limitations, but allows you to access all templates and blocks in the editor. If you haven't connected a domain to your organization yet, all free sites will be placed under the automatically generated domain. If you have set up a domain for your Agency, projects will be stored under the default subdomain in your organization like, but you can change the URL in the settings as well.

Tip: You can either create a site for a client by yourself or order the site setup from our Studio using the special discount that goes with your package.

Once you've exceeded the maximum number of projects in your reseller account, you should purchase the Pro subscription for your site.

Pro subscription gives you the opportunity to:
connect your own domain to a site to match the client's business branding;
add SEO and marketing tools;
add chat widgets;
receive form submissions.

We do not set the limitation on the number of Pro sites in your dashboard. You can check up the usual pricing on Pro subscription on our Weblium pricing page. The final rate for the Pro subscription will be displayed in your account according to the special discount that you get with your White Label package.

Tip: See the The difference between projects and Pro sites article for more detailed information.

Managing your clients

To begin with, you should find the clients of your organization by yourself — you decide what tactics and systems to use for attaining your first customers.

Once you've got an order, invite your client as a contributor to a project. Contributors are the ones whom you give a permission to edit a particular site in your organization. Contributors will have access to the site's editor, so they will be able to make changes to it and publish afterward. However, they won't be able to delete or duplicate a site. Check the article Adding a contributor to your site to see the full process.

Important: The site will be stored in your account, and you'll remain the owner of it. The client can only be a contributor to a site.

Besides, if you want to check which sites your clients have, go to the Clients tab in your Partner's account and press on Show websites. This option allows you to view a list of all your customers' sites separately.

If you don't want to give a permission to your client to edit the project, you can send them a link to a comment mode to gather their feedback in one place. Check the article Accessing the comment mode of the site to see how you can enable the comment mode on your site. After you've done customizing the site, you can send them a live link without any options to access the editor.

Charging your clients

You pay for a Pro subscription at a discounted price and then charge your clients as much as you want. Your agency package defines your special rate for the subscription. We have Basic, Growth, and Enterprise packages with 20%, 30%, and 50% discounts on a Pro subscription, respectively.

Weblium will not interfere in the financial matters between you and your clients. Your clients also don't see any prices at Weblium and have no idea what prices Weblium charges.

The benefits of the White Label Agency plan

You may wonder about the difference between running a White Label Agency and simply creating the sites for your clients within your personal account. Here's a list of benefits:


Under the White Label Agency plan, you get the best pricing for subscriptions with special rates for website design services by Weblium Studio. In your personal account, the pricing for Pro subscription remains higher. Your discount percentage remains the same, no matter what.

No Weblium mentions.

Within your personal account, you won't be able to get rid of the Weblium ads on the free live website until you upgrade it. The comment mode section will include Weblium mention in the URL. Weblium branding will be shown in the editor and clients' accounts as well.

White Label Agency doesn't have Weblium chat or branding. You set up a logo and a domain name, a favicon, etc. to launch your own platform.

Maintaining your own business.

While reselling our services from your personal account, you won't be able to stand out in a large market by openly using someone else's website builder. With the help of
White Label Agency, you have the opportunity to promote your own independent platform and attract buyers, who assume that you've created this software by yourself.

Tip: If you're only considering buying our White Label Agency, see a detailed comparison of all packages on our Weblium White Label Agency pricing page.

Updated on: 03/20/2023

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