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The difference between projects and Pro sites in partner account

Weblium White Label feature allows you to create sites for your clients that will run on the Weblium engine but won't have any mentions of our platform.

Once you have enabled the White Label feature, your account on Weblium will be divided into two parts — personal and partner. Personal account remains for your own usage. Sites in the personal account can be on Trial, Free and Pro subscription — check the article Comparison of the Free, Trial, and Pro subscriptions for a detailed comparison.

All the websites related to the agency (e.g., agency landing/ clients' sites) should be set up and managed in your partner account. In the partner account, you can have projects and Pro sites.

This article will outline the difference between projects and Pro sites in your partner account.

What are the projects?

Sites that you create in your partner account initially come with a free subscription. Each site under the free subscription is marked as Active project:

Therefore, projects are the websites under the free subscription in your partner account. Depending on your Agency package, you can have up to 3, 10, or 30 ongoing projects.

Projects can stay as free sites forever — we don't push you to upgrade them after a certain period of time (unlike other platforms). However, as you have a limited number of them, after you have finished creating a project for a client, it is in your best interest to lead the client to purchasing a subscription. This way, the project will free the slot in your account for future clients.

Here are the features available on projects:

all the blocks in the editor, as well as more than 270+ templates from our gallery;
site indexing;
custom code;
online store;
multiple contributors;

Here are the features NOT available on projects:

receiving contact form submissions;
connecting a domain;
chat widgets;
SEO & marketing integrations.

Note: All the projects you create are initially placed on the default subdomain If you'd like to change this domain to your own, get in touch with us via chat so we assist you with the necessary settings.

How can I have unlimited clients and limited number of ongoing projects?

While the number of projects (free sites) in your account is limited, the number of Pro websites is unlimited. So, for example, if you are on the Growth plan, you can have 10 projects maximum in your account meaning 10 free websites maximum. Once you've reached the limit, you'll be asked to purchase a Pro subscription for at least 1 project. The number of Pro websites in the account is unlimited, thus unlimited clients.

What is a Pro subscription?

To create a fully-functioning site, you should purchase a Pro subscription for each of the projects in your reseller account.

Pro subscription gives you the opportunity to:

connect a custom domain to the site to match the client's business branding;
receive contact form requests;
add chat widgets;
connect marketing tools;
work on advanced SEO settings.

The price for the Pro plan in your partner account depends on the White Label subscription you are on. More information on the pricing — on our website White Label Website Builder.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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