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Adding a mailbox

If you own a domain, you can connect a business mailbox to it in the format or Such mailboxes make business communication look more professional.

You can keep using your third-party email associated with a domain name for a site on Weblium.

Adding a mailbox

A mailbox is associated with a certain domain name. Thus, the domain has to be registered first, and successfully connected to a site. Once the domain is connected to the site, the relevant records should be added in the DNS panel to make the mailbox work.

Note: Check the Connecting a domain you own article to link the existing domain to a site on Weblium.

There are two scenarios for mailbox connection:

If you have already set up the mailbox on the side of your domain registrar, we recommend using the A record for connecting your domain to the site. This way, it won't interrupt the service of the attached mailbox.
If you have connected your domain via NS method, or purchased it through Weblium, all further changes will be done via our platform. In this case, you should transfer the previous MX records to set up your email again. Check the Managing DNS records article to add the relevant records for your existing mailbox.

Each mailbox provider has their own record values to configure the mailbox. For more information, see the relevant Help Center of the service you're using, or contact their support.

There're some record templates to use in your domain's DNS settings from the commonly used Mail Providers on our platform:

Zoho Mail

Updated on: 02/09/2023

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