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Weblium Pro subscription allows you to connect a third-party domain to your website, or purchase it straight from us. After the domain is connected, you can further manage it from your account. 

Follow the steps below to see how you can delete or disconnect a domain from the site.

The third-party domain settings

You can disconnect a third-party domain from the site, leaving it in your account. For that, open the site's Settings and navigate to the Domains tab:

Click on the three dots near the needed domain and choose the Disconnect option from the dropdown:

Note: by clicking Delete you can remove the domain from your account completely.

To reconnect the domain, access the Domains tab in your account settings:

Select the domain, click on the three dots and choose Connect to website:

Weblium domain settings

If you bought a domain at Weblium, the billing for the domain is managed by us too. To renew the domain manually (when it's due) or set it to auto-renew, open the site settings and navigate to the Domains tab:

Click on the three dots and choose the relevant option:

By clicking on Disconnect, you will remove the domain from your site. However, it will still be accessible in the list of all your domains.

Important: domain, purchased at Weblium can't be deleted until it expires. Learn how you can transfer your domain to another registrar in the article Transferring a domain purchased at Weblium.

If you connect a domain via NS records, or purchase it directly from Weblium, you can add your custom DNS in the settings according to the article Managing DNS records.
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