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Connecting an external domain you own

Connecting your custom domain not only helps you to get a higher ranking in search engines, but also adds credibility to your company because of the branded name. Owning a domain will help you to boost your business and make your customers remember you among others.

With the help of Weblium tools, you can connect an external domain you purchased from the third-party service.

Tip: Currently, the number of connected external domains for one account is limited and calculated using the formula s+2, where s is the number of active Pro subscriptions in the account.

Note: This option is available for Pro sites only.

Important: This article describes how to connect a third-party domain by making changes to its records. In doing so, the domain and its records need to be propagated across all DNS servers in the world for it to work consistently for all users. This is a standard process that applies to all domains and can take up to 24-48 hours. During this time, the connection may be unstable and the site may not be available on all devices.

There are two ways to connect your domain: by adding A-records or by changing the NS (name server records) of the domain. These two methods are interchangeable, later in this article you can read more about which method is better to use in certain situations. You can also watch our short video tutorial on this topic:

Connecting a domain with the help of an A record

In some cases we recommend to connect the domain through DNS records, specifically A-record, for example, in these situations:

If you do not want the current domain DNS records (MX, TXT and others) to stop working - this way you will not need to re-add these records on the Weblium side and the services for which these DNS records are responsible will continue to work without a small pause when re-added;

If you want to continue managing domain records in your domain registrar account;

If you connect only a subdomain (for example, and not the domain itself (;

If the registrar does not allow you to change NS records and other similar situations.

You need to make the following steps:

Login to your Weblium account.

Go to the Settings of your site; then navigate to the Domains tab and click on Connect am external domain :

In the pop-up window enter the domain name and click Continue:

Go to the Via DNS records tab, follow the instructions in the new pop-up window and click Done:

You will need to go to your registrar account and add the following 2 entries:

The first is for the general connection of the domain to the platform:

Record Type: А
Host (can also be called "Name" on some platforms): can be left blank or @
Points to:

And a second optional record to redirect to the main domain when you open your domain with "www" (for example, when you open will be redirected to

Record Type: А
Host: www
Points to:

Note: If you have previously changed the NS records of your domain, you should add the A-record on the side of the service, where the NS records of the domain are directed.

Important: If you connect a domain via an A-record, you need to remove the other A and AAAA records that have the same value in the "host" field.

Save the changes and let your records pass the propagation period.

After these actions, the domain will begin to undergo propagation (update records all over the world) and verification on our side. Please note that the status of verification will depend on the propagation, so at first you may see the status Failed to connect in your site settings, even if the domain is already working. The status will change to correct one within 24-48 hours.

If any help's needed, check out the Domain connection issues article.

Connecting a domain via nameservers

If you use this connection method, all further changes to your records will be done on our platform. Thereafter, you will be able to manage you DNS via our platform.

Login to your Weblium account.

Go to the Settings of your site; then navigate to the Domains tab and click on Connect an external domain :

In the pop-up window enter the domain name and click Continue:

Follow the instructions you receive:

Here are the nameservers that you need to copy:

Note: If you change the NS records of a domain, you must completely remove the previous NS records, otherwise the connection may be unstable.

Important: When you change the NS records to Weblium, further domain management will be transferred to us. That means that if you have email or other services associated with the domain, they will stop working until you reconnect them at Weblium. To reconnect these services, simply add the necessary records following the guides here: Managing DNS records.

Tip: You can simply sequentially add each DNS record that your domain had before - the DNS records are on the side of the service that your domain's NS records were pointed to (usually the domain registrar, if you haven't changed the NS records before).

Updated on: 04/08/2024

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