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Adding a chat

Using could be quite helpful for the site and for your visitors who might have something to ask about your products. It allows you to connect your website to chat system, which will give your visitors a chat widget at the right bottom corner of the site and will give you an opportunity to answer all the questions.

Adding a chat to your website

To install the chat on your site, follow the instructions below.

Important: This option is available for Pro sites only.

First, you will need to sign in to or create a new account. In your account, proceed to the settings:

Here, navigate to the Chat Widget and copy the Widget Code of the chat by clicking on the given code:

In this code, copy the ID number which is placed before the last slash on the line that starts with s1.src :

Paste this fragment to the ID:

On the line that starts with s1.src, copy the chat ID after the last slash and before the single quote:

Important: You need to copy exactly the value between the characters / and '.

Paste it to the Chat ID field and then click on Connect:

If everything was made right, the service will be marked as connected:

Now is connected to your site and your visitors will be able to see a small window of the chat and ask any questions they might have while scrolling through your website. It is also a great way for your sales, marketing, support teams to communicate live with the existing and prospective clients.

Note: For more ways on how to customize the chat window and its appearance, you will need to manage the chat and its settings in your account. You can also find a lot of new information about your chat service and its settings in the Help Center

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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