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Connecting Telegram to your site

Telegram is one of the largest messaging services. One of the leading features of Telegram is bots - tools that allow you to perform various actions without leaving the application. You can connect your contact forms and online store to a bot in Telegram to automatically receive notifications about applications from the forms you need and orders, respectively.

Important: This feature is only available for sites with paid subscription.

Learn how to:
Get a chat ID
Connect Telegram to contact forms
Connect Telegram to an online store
Connect a website to a Telegram group

Getting the chat ID

Sign up or log in to your Telegram account.

Enter @site_notify_bot in the Search field and open the Form Notification Bot:

To initiate the bot, send the /start message or click the Start button:

Note: ID generation can take up to 10 minutes in some places.

Copy the generated Chat ID to your clipboard:

Note: The chat ID from your Telegram account must be unique (the ID shown on the screenshot above is used for example).

Connecting Telegram to contact forms

For that, enter the site Settings, navigate to the Form management section and open the Integrations tab:

Click on the Telegram section, then on the Add integration button, insert the received ID in the field that appears and press Enter on the keyboard or click past the field with with the entered ID to save it:

Tip: If you need to connect several chats to one site, then click again on the Add chat button and enter the New chat ID in the next field.

To enable the integration, go to the Integrations tab in the settings of the contact form itself and turn on the Telegram switch. Next, in the drop-down menu below, select the Telegram chats to which you want to receive notifications:

Important: Integration must be enabled in the settings of each contact form on the site individually.
Tip: In the form settings, you can check the chats you want to receive notifications. You can select all chats at once or each chat separately.

Don't forget to publish your site.

Done! If the connection is successful, you will receive the following message from the bot:

Connecting Telegram to Your Store

First, open the settings of your website, in the Your store section and go to the Settings subsection. Next, open the Notifications tab, click on the Telegram section, then click on the Add Integration button, paste the received ID into the field that appears, and then click the Connect button:

Tip: If you need to connect multiple chats to one site, click the Add Integration button again and enter New Chat ID in the next field.

Publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Now you will receive such a message from the bot in all connected chats every time a customer places an order on your website:

Connecting a website to a group on Telegram

Sign up or log in to your Telegram account.

Create a group with all the necessary members:

Add a @site_notify_bot to this group:

To initialize the bot, send the /start message and wait for the bot to send the ID for this particular group:

Note: Sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes to generate an ID.

Copy the ID generated in the chat:

Note: You need to copy the message with the ID for this chat in full, including all characters, such as the hyphen at the beginning, if any.

Complete the connection according to this paragraph if you are connecting the bot to a contact form on your website or according to this paragraph if you are connecting it to an online store.

It's done! You have connected your website to a Telegram group:

Updated on: 06/20/2024

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