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Adding an exact value to a field in the contact form

You can add a specific field to the contact form that will force the visitor to enter the exact value. This feature can be useful for various purposes — for example, to create your own anti-spam, conduct basic polls, or even protect a page with the password.

Tip: The Creating a password-protected page article will describe in details how you can display a certain page on the website to the selected audience only.

Before you begin, note that:

contact forms are available for Pro sites.
The exact value can be added to the required fields in the form.
The feature is available for the text fields in the form. You can't add a specific value to the "I accept", "Check box" or "Hidden field".
The form won't be submitted if a specific value is entered incorrectly.

Follow the instructions below to add an exact value to a field in your contact form.

Adding an exact value to a field in the contact form

For that, hover over the contact form and click on the "gear":

In the pop-up window hover over the field where you want to add an exact value and click on the "gear" next to it:

Make sure that you've toggled on the Make this field required option:

Enter the needed value in the Exact value field:

Publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Now, if the entered value isn't correct, the visitor will see the following warning:

Remember that all requests are sent automatically to the CRM in your account. Check the article Weblium CRM overview to get acquainted with its functionality.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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