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Changing the payment method used for a Pro subscription

To ensure uninterrupted payments for subscriptions, you can change the existing payment method, as well as add several payment methods and then set one of them as the primary one for all of sites or for each site separately

Editing an existing payment method

If your payment method is no longer relevant and you want to change it to the other one, you can do the following:

Log in to your account;

Open Payment settings:

Choose the existing payment method and click on Edit Payment Method in the new pop up window:

Lastly, choose your payment method (Credit Card or PayPal), enter the new payment details and hit Update:

Done! This payment method will be used for the next renewal of your Pro subscription.

Tip: You can also edit payment methods in the "Subscription" section, which is located directly in the site settings. The menu for setting up payment methods opens via a Manage payment methods button.

Change the primary payment method for all of subscriptions

If you have added more than one payment method to your account, you can select any of them as a primary one. The primary method is used for all existing subscriptions in your account by default. All of the other payment methods added to your account become backup ones, i.e. they will be used if your primary payment method does not work. To change your primary payment method for all subscriptions, please, do the following:

Open Payment settings:

When a pop-up window with a list of payment methods appears, click on the method you want to make the primary one, and then hit Set this as primary or backup:

Choose Primary and click Update:

Done! The primary payment method for all of your subscriptions has been changed!

Changing the primary payment method for a specific subscription

If there are two or more payment methods, one of them is primary, and the rest ones are backup. You can also choose a primary payment method for each site separately. To do this, navigate to the subscription settings of your site and then specify the primary payment method from the list of available ones by clicking on the Set as current payment method button:

Important: This option is individual. Setting the payment method as the primary one will only work for the site you are in the settings of. All of the other sites will be subjected to your account's payment methods set up if you have not previously chosen individual payment methods (as described above).

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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