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Weblium referral program

Invite your friends to Weblium and get rewards for your future purchases. Learn how to use our referral program in the article below.

What is the reward of the referral program?

Your friend gets 50% discount on the annual Pro subscription.
You get 100% discount on the monthly Pro subscription (2 months). You can use this discount on your existing monthly or annual subscription by adding 2 months bonus to it.

Tip: Learn more about Pro subscription features in the Free, Trial, and Pro subscriptions article.

What are the terms of the referral program?

You can share your unique referral link with your friends directly. When your friends sign up or log in using the link, Weblium knows that they came from you. As a result, you’ll both get a get a promo code for the next purchase. You can redeem your coupon within 1 year.

To participate in the referral program, you must have a payment history in your account (current or past Pro subscriptions).
You can invite as many friends as you want — even the existing users count as the referrals.
Your referrals can get a discount only once. However, they can use their own referral links to invite others.
You can't log in under your own referral link and get a discount.
You can use your promo code both for the existing and the new subscription.

Open your Weblium account and navigate to the Refer friends tab in the left bar menu:

Copy your referral link and send it directly to your friend:

A referred friend opens your link and then logs in/creates a new account on Weblium.

Then they create a site on Weblium. Once the site is done and the friend is ready to buy a subscription, they click on Upgrade button and go through the purchase process:

Your friend will see a 50% discount at the final stage of purchasing a Pro subscription. They can use the discount not only for the first site in their account — they can hold it for another site as well. However, you'll get a promo code only after your friend upgrades his/her website using your referral link.

Important: The discount is applicable only for the annual subscription. The subscription will renew under the standard pricing after the first year.

Once your friend has purchased the subscription, you'll see the promo code in your personal account:

You can use these promo codes to purchase a new monthly subscription. Subsequently, you get the first month for free. Alternatively, you can use promo codes on your existing monthly or annual subscription for 2 months free.

Applying the promo code

To redeem the discount for your next purchase, hover over it in the list and click Apply:

In the pop-up window, select the site:

Important: Only websites with active subscriptions are displayed here. If you'd like to apply the promo code on a trial/expired website, you can do so at the checkout.

You'll see the following confirmation if promo code is applied successfully:

If you'd like to apply the promo code to the trial/ expired subscription, you should copy it and paste it in the relevant field while purchasing a Pro. See the article Purchasing a Pro subscription with a promo code for more details.

Important: You can redeem your promo codes only in the personal account, not in the reseller one.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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