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Weblium CRM overview

What is CRM?

CRM is a system for managing all your company's interactions with customers and leads. Basically, it helps automate and control order management — to ensure that the requests are handled in a timely manner.

Deals are the requests for the services or products that a potential customer leaves on your site. Instead of manually adding this data to tables, you can automatically transfer new deals from contact forms to the CRM in your account.

Each deal goes through certain statuses during its lifecycle — for example, "New", "In progress", "Done". You can change and manage these statuses by yourself. Follow the instructions below for more information.

Why CRM is important to your business?

All requests from the contact forms on your site are stored in one place — this reduces the possibility of forgetting an order, losing contact information, etc.
The cards with deals will contain all the information related to the order — description, comments, additional files.
You can track the statuses of your deals by creating your own stages and changing them anytime.
Since all requests are collected in your account, there is no need to connect the third-party services that often cost extra.
If all the leads are organized in a single CRM system, it's easier for you to create periodic reports to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
CRM also allows you to monitor your team's work by the speed of processing the orders.

The possibilities of Weblium CRM

Weblium CRM allows you to manage all requests submitted through the contact forms in your account. To ease up your work with several contact forms, the deals are combined into pipelines (lists). You can choose a pipeline where all the replies from a contact form will land right in the form settings. In addition to getting deals from the contact form, you can create them manually.

Within each pipeline, you can create multiple columns. Each column represents a certain status of processing a deal. You can change their names, order, and number.

Submitting a contact form automatically creates a deal in the first column of the selected pipeline, in the form of a card. You can add comments, description, estimated profit, tags, and title to it. Cards with deals can be moved between columns within the same funnel, thereby changing their status. All actions with cards will be displayed in history, allowing you to track all client interactions.

You can also check our short video tutorial to get acquianted with Weblium CRM functionality:

How to begin with Weblium CRM?

First, access the Weblium CRM in your account and set up a pipeline for your site. Follow the instructions in the article Getting started with Weblium CRM to see how you can create a new pipeline, manually add the deals and change their statuses.

To automate your work, connect a contact form on your site to a pipeline. This way, all new submissions will be sent to Weblium CRM as new deals:

For your convenience, cards with pending requests are marked with a blue dot and highlighted in light blue. By clicking on a newly received card, you can see the date, client's name, contact info, and all the filled-in data from the completed form.

Note: See the Managing your deals in Weblium CRM article to learn how you can process the deal, add comments, check the card's history, move it to another column, and more.

When dealing with clients, every minute counts. Respond to the requests in a timely manner with CRM push notifications. This way, you'll instantly receive push notifications on your desktop and mobile about all new contact forms submits:

Once you've fully sorted out the functionality of Weblium CRM, it's time to keep track of your clients. In the Customers tab, you can create and manage your own clients' database in one place:

Besides, you can link existing or new deals with clients — information about them from the database will be automatically attached to the deal. You will also be able to create a customer from a deal to transfer details from an existing card.

In conclusion, Weblium CRM is a great solution for small companies and online entrepreneurs who need built-in all-in-one functionality. In fact, unlike other expensive and large-scale solutions, Weblium CRM is completely free of charge since its cost is already included in the Pro plan.

Moreover, Weblium CRM is already in-built into your account so that it's always at hand and doesn't need to be additionally installed or connected.

Tip: If you want to proceed to work with your current CRM, check our Integrations tab in the Help Center to find it within the available marketing services.

Updated on: 07/10/2024

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