With the help of the form replies feature you don’t need to worry anymore if submits from your contact forms might be lost or the integration may not go successful. Form replies feature gathers all replies from the contact forms on your website in one place — thereby makes it easier to handle your business.

Accessing form replies

To access the form replies, go to the Settings of your website, then proceed to the Form management tab in the menu:

To select the needed form, open the drop-down menu and click on the relevant one:

Here you can see all requests from the contact forms on your website. The tool will gather all information from the form fields including images, phone numbers, dates, texts etc.

By clicking on the reply of the particular form field, it'll be automatically copied to your clipboard:

Tip: form replies tab stores even the submissions from the deleted contact forms. Thus, we recommend you change the name of each form in the settings for easier differentiation.
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