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Adding a video to your blog

While creating a new blog post on your website, you might want to add more visual content to it. For that, we've implemented an opportunity to add a YouTube video right to your blog.

Tip: If you haven't set up a blog yet, you may need to check the Adding and setting up a blog article.

Adding a video to your blog

Tip: YouTube Shorts videos are not supported, so you will need to replace the shorts/ part with the watch?v= part in the link to convert it to the standard format.

Navigate to the editing mode of your blog post where you'd like to add a video:

Click on the "plus" icon or press Tab on your keyboard to open the blocks menu:

Select the Youtube option from the menu and paste the link to the video:

Important: Supported links are those from YouTube only. If you have a video elsewhere, make sure to upload it to YouTube to generate a link.

After adding the video, describe it in the Caption field:

Tip: You can move video up and down within the post, or delete it completely. For that, access the settings of the block by clicking on the three dots and choose the action:

After the changes are done, publish the blog post or save the draft for later.

Updated on: 01/28/2023

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